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Exam CLTD topic 1 question 56 discussion

Actual exam question from APICS's CLTD
Question #: 56
Topic #: 1
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A company has prioritized A, B, and C, filling orders in that sequence. What are the impact to customer service levels for customers B and C?

  • A. 100% service levels for B and C
  • B. Customer B has higher service level
  • C. Customer C has higher service level
  • D. Customer B and C have the same service level
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Suggested Answer: B


1 month ago
Correct Answer is B as per the stock available and A customer is high priority and then B and last C hence the SL will be higher of B than C
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1 month, 3 weeks ago
Which is right, A or B. Explain how.
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7 months, 4 weeks ago
Why is it B the correct answer and not A? Can anyone explain to me please? I see everywhere the correct answer A..thank you
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