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Exam 9L0-422 topic 1 question 8 discussion

Actual exam question from Apple's 9L0-422
Question #: 8
Topic #: 1
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Which is a valid reason to start up a Mac in verbose mode?

  • A. To view the startup process details
  • B. To present a command-line login
  • C. To display hints for the recovery key for a FileVault volume
  • D. To display the firmware password
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Suggested Answer: A


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2 months, 3 weeks ago
Verbose mode is a fancy way of saying that the Mac will startup with the command line showing, so you can see everything it does. If all goes well, it continues into the graphical frontend of Mac OS X, just as normal. The benefit is if something is not working, you are likely to see where it goes wrong.
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