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Exam ACP-100 topic 1 question 35 discussion

Actual exam question from Atlassian's ACP-100
Question #: 35
Topic #: 1
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In your organization, a cobbler leads a Jira project with two issue types:
✑ Shoe Order
✑ Repair
The cobbler has given you the following requirements:
1. All screens should use the Summary, Description, Due Date, and Components fields.
2. Both issue types need to use a new custom field called Shoe Type on all screens.
3. The Priority field should appear on all screens for Repair issues.
4. Users should not be able to set the Priority for Shoe Orders during creation, but the Priority field still needs to be editable and viewable after creation.
Identify the minimum number of screens and screen schemes that will meet the requirements.

  • A. two screens and one screen scheme
  • B. one screen and one screen scheme
  • C. six screens and one screen scheme
  • D. six screens and two screen schemes
  • E. three screens and one screen scheme
  • F. two screens and two screen schemes
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Suggested Answer: A


Chosen Answer:
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3 weeks ago
I believe the answer is F. Can someone explain why people are choosing A ?
upvoted 2 times
3 months, 1 week ago
The answers I chose were A
upvoted 1 times
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