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Exam 1Y0-403 topic 1 question 31 discussion

Actual exam question from Citrix's 1Y0-403
Question #: 31
Topic #: 1
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Scenario: Eight hundred users from a newly acquired company based in another continent will immediately require access to several Citrix applications being added to a zone within the Citrix Virtual Apps Site. Approximately 40 Citrix servers are being deployed in that zone.
Management informs a Citrix Architect that the new company has an unused Citrix ADC MPX 24xxx series applies that should be used to address Citrix Gateway requirements. The design must support updating the Citrix ADC firmware without user interruption.
What should the architect do to ensure that the Citrix ADC MPX 24000-series appliance addresses these requirements?

  • A. Install a Premium license on the appliance and deploy 2 extended access control lists (ACLs)
  • B. Deploy Citrix Gateway into 2 admin partitions.
  • C. Convert to Citrix SDX, install an add-on pack license on the appliance, and deploy Citrix Gateway VPX instances in a cluster.
  • D. Install a Premium license on the appliance and deploy Citrix Gateway instances in a cluster.
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Suggested Answer: C


1 day, 5 hours ago
The key point is "Citrix ADC firmware without user interruption." You can only do this on multiple-instances feature of ADC, so that means SDX. Correct answer is C
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2 months ago
This is a networking question?
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3 months ago
Reference: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-hardware-platforms/sdx/convert-mpx-to-sdx/convert-mpx24100-sdx24100.html
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1 week ago
Why should you convert the mpx appliance to a sdx appliance?
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