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Exam CTFL topic 1 question 48 discussion

Actual exam question from iSQI's CTFL
Question #: 48
Topic #: 1
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Test objectives for systems testing of a safety critical system include completion of all outstanding defect correction. Regression testing is required following defect correction at all test levels. Which TWO of the following metrics would be MOST suitable for determining whether the test objective has been met? a. Regression tests run and passed in systems testing b. Incidents closed in systems testing c. Planned tests run and passed in system testing d. Planned tests run and passed at all levels of testing e. Incidents raised and closed at all levels of testing

  • A. a and e
  • B. b and c
  • C. d and e
  • D. a and b A
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11 months, 2 weeks ago
answer C
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