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Exam PMI-RMP topic 1 question 195 discussion

Actual exam question from PMI's PMI-RMP
Question #: 195
Topic #: 1
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You work as a project manager for SoftTech Inc. You are working with the project stakeholders to begin the qualitative risk analysis process. You will need all of the following as inputs to the qualitative risk analysis process except for which one?

  • A. Stakeholder register
  • B. Project scope statement
  • C. Risk management plan
  • D. Risk register
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Suggested Answer: A


1 month, 1 week ago
(B) is the right answer
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9 months, 3 weeks ago
I believe the answer must be (A) in this case: as per the PMBOK-6th edition-P 419, the input to Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis is: .1 Project management plan • Risk management plan .2 Project documents • Assumption log • Risk register • Stakeholder register .3 Enterprise environmental factors .4 Organizational process assets
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