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Exam PRINCE2-Practitioner topic 12 question 163 discussion

Actual exam question from PRINCE2's PRINCE2-Practitioner
Question #: 163
Topic #: 12
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A change authority has been appointed for the project. During the development of the 'classroom-based training material', a large number of changes were proposed to the design of the 'e-learning course'. Therefore, the change authority has decided to use the Moscow technique to prioritize changes based on the impact they will have on completing each stage on time.
Is this an appropriate application of the Moscow technique, and why?

  • A. Yes, because it should be used to prioritize change based on the estimated impact on time.
  • B. Yes, because it is a prioritization technique that should be used to prioritize a product's quality criteria.
  • C. No, because it should define scope tolerances, supporting the management by exception principle.
  • D. No, because it should be used to prioritize change based on the project's business justification.
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Suggested Answer: A
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5 days, 7 hours ago
yes correct answer is d
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4 months, 2 weeks ago
correct is d
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