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Exam 250-428 topic 1 question 8 discussion

Actual exam question from Symantec's 250-428
Question #: 8
Topic #: 1
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A Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) client uses a management server list with three management servers in the priority 1 list.
Which mechanism does the SEP client use to select an alternate management server if the currently selected management server is unavailable?

  • A. The client chooses the next server alphabetically by server name.
  • B. The client chooses another server alphabetically in the list randomly.
  • C. The client chooses a server with the next highest IP address.
  • D. The client chooses a server based on the lowest server load.
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Suggested Answer: B


4 months ago
I also think the same
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11 months ago
Believe D is correct answer If you add multiple Symantec Endpoint Protection Managers at the same priority, then clients and optional Enforcers can connect to any of the Symantec Endpoint Protection Managers. Clients automatically balance the load between available Symantec Endpoint Protection Managers at that priority. https://knowledge.broadcom.com/external/article/151377/creating-and-assigning-a-management-serv.html
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