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Exam CBSA topic 1 question 4 discussion

Actual exam question from Blockchain's CBSA
Question #: 4
Topic #: 1
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In the Proof of Stake(POS) algorithm the miners are really known as ___________?

  • A. Notary
  • B. Oracle
  • C. Forgers
  • D. Minters
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Suggested Answer: C
Proof of Stake has the same goal as proof of work""to validate transactions and achieve consensus in the chain""and it uses an algorithm but with a different process. With proof of stake, the creator of a new block "is chosen in a deterministic way, depending on its wealth, also defined as a stake." Since in a proof of stake system, there is no block reward, but the miners, known as forgers, get the transaction fees. Proponents of this shift, including Ethereum co-founder Buterin, like proof of stake for the energy and cost savings realized to get to a distributed form of consensus.


1 year, 5 months ago
The term "minters" seems to be used as well: https://hackernoon.com/is-spos-the-pos-killer-hw2l3364
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