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Exam 1D0-621 topic 1 question 46 discussion

Actual exam question from CIW's 1D0-621
Question #: 46
Topic #: 1
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You are starting a web site redesign project for a dog trainer who specializes in preparing service animals for people with special needs. His primary customers have mobility challenges. What would be a primary consideration in the redesign of the site?

  • A. Providing large print PDF files for download.
  • B. Providing image and video alternatives to text.
  • C. Minimizing the number of mouse clicks needed to perform tasks.
  • D. Removing page elements that flicker and change color.
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Suggested Answer: C


3 weeks, 1 day ago
service animals for people with... primary customers have mobility challenges. the clientele here are low vision / blind folks...so the accommodation needed is for SEEING
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3 weeks, 1 day ago
A and B could help, but Mouse Clicks refers to coordination (hand control) problems, and Flickering to seizures caused by epilepsy or the like.
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