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Exam 212-89 topic 1 question 8 discussion

Actual exam question from ECCouncil's 212-89
Question #: 8
Topic #: 1
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A computer Risk Policy is a set of ideas to be implemented to overcome the risk associated with computer security incidents. Identify the procedure that is NOT part of the computer risk policy?

  • A. Procedure to identify security funds to hedge risk
  • B. Procedure to monitor the efficiency of security controls
  • C. Procedure for the ongoing training of employees authorized to access the system
  • D. Provisions for continuing support if there is an interruption in the system or if the system crashes
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Suggested Answer: C


4 days, 12 hours ago
Correct answer is C. Read the wording of question, it is asking about Risk and how do you hedge a risk, by taking insurance policy. So A is not the answer.
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2 months ago
I think also the answer is A as budgeting is not part of the risk policy and security awareness training for employees accesing the coorporate computers and networks is very important to narrow the possibilities of human error or fall victim of cyber security scams
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4 months, 3 weeks ago
I think the answer is letter A
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