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Exam SPHR topic 1 question 36 discussion

Actual exam question from HRCI's SPHR
Question #: 36
Topic #: 1
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One factor of the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection is reliability during interviews. Which of the following statements is the best description of reliability during interviews?

  • A. Interviews should adapt job-related questions for each candidate for a particular position based on the candidate's experience.
  • B. Interviews should prepare and consistently use a list of job-related questions that will be asked of all candidates for a particular position.
  • C. Interviews should prepare and consistently use questions that will be asked of all candidates based on the candidate's submitted resume.
  • D. Interviews should prepare and consistently use a list of job-related questions that will be asked of all candidates for all employment positions within the
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Suggested Answer: B 🗳️
Answer option B is correct.
Interviewers should prepare a job-specific list of questions and use the questions for all candidates who are applying for a specific job within the organization.
Answer option A is incorrect. Adapting questions for each candidate would skew the reliability of the interviews.
Answer option C is incorrect. The list of questions in an interview aiming for reliability should be the same across all candidates rather than based on the resume of the employee.
Answer option D is incorrect. The list of interview questions shouldn't be for all available jobs, but tailored to each type of employment and position.
Reference: Professional in Human Resources Certification Study Guide, Sybex, ISBN: 978-0-470-43096-5. Chapter Four: Workforce Planning. Official PHR and
SPHR Certification Guide, HR Certification Institute, ISBN: 978-1-586-44149-4, Section III, The US Body of Knowledge.
Chapter: Workforce Planning and Employment
Objective: Staffing Programs


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1 month, 3 weeks ago
Option D is still not completely written out 2 years later!
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2 years ago
Answer option D is not written out completely, thereby making it difficult to be considered or eliminated as the right answer.
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