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Exam SPHR topic 1 question 60 discussion

Actual exam question from HRCI's SPHR
Question #: 60
Topic #: 1
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Beth is a nonexempt employee and she earns $17.45 per hour in her job. She has worked 40 hours this week, but management has requested that Beth work seven more hours this weekend. What is the total payment, before taxes, that Beth will be due for her work this week?

  • A. $820.15
  • B. $698
  • C. $1,230.22
  • D. $881.22
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Suggested Answer: D 🗳️
Answer option D is correct.
Beth will earn seven hours of overtime pay at $16.175 per hour, plus her regular 40 hours of pay of $698.
Answer option A is incorrect. $820.15 does not reflect Beth's overtime for the week.
Answer option B is incorrect. $698 doesn't include the overtime pay.
Answer option C is incorrect. $1,230.22 counts all of the hours Beth has worked as overtime pay.
Certification Guide, HR Certification Institute, ISBN: 978-1-586-44149-4, Section III, The US Body of Knowledge.
Chapter: Compensation and Benefits
Objective: Compensation


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1 month, 2 weeks ago
Brad626 is correct.
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2 years ago
There is a typo. Beth's regular rate is $17.45/ hour, so her seven hours of overtime pay at $26.175 per hour, not $16.175.
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