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Exam CBAP topic 1 question 378 discussion

Actual exam question from IIBA's CBAP
Question #: 378
Topic #: 1
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A business unit of a transnational manufacturer wants to implement a robust process for addressing integrity-critical equipment deterioration incidents. Timely and complete resolution of such incidents is vital for the business unit's continuous safe and profitable operation. Treating each incident involves many employees from different departments extensively collaborating and exchanging information. That information is spread across multiple systems having their access limited to particular user groups. With the current manual process, some incidents get forgotten and remain unresolved for years.
The project's Sponsor is an Equipment Integrity and Reliability Advisor, who moved into this position from another business unit. That business unit implemented a proprietary application to integrate the information and to assist in tracking and managing the incidents. Having a positive experience with the application, the
Sponsor is suggesting to customize it and reuse in the new business unit.
The business unit's Enterprise Architect (EA), who is responsible for assessing solution options and presenting them to executive decision makers, has a few concerns with adopting the existing application. The application uses point-to-point interfaces with other data sources whereas the business unit's target architecture relies on a data warehouse-based integration. Moreover, the two business units use different legacy systems, as well as different front-end implementation technologies. Additionally, the existing application is monolingual, while the business unit needs user interfaces and some data to be presented in two languages. With all of this, it may be easier to build a new application from scratch than to customize the existing one. To understand which option is better, the EA asks a business analyst (BA) to define business requirements.
The EA wants to understand whether the integration capabilities of the existing solution match the business unit's IT landscape. The requirement definition that the
EA needs should read as, "Each record of an incident shall __________."

  • A. be associated with the unit of equipment to which it belongs."
  • B. include the associated equipment's information from the asset management system."
  • C. contain the ID of the equipment to which it belongs."
  • D. be related to a unit of equipment using the Equipment ID stored in the asset management system."
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Suggested Answer: B


4 days, 23 hours ago
i believe its A or C because the question never spoke of asset management system.
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