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Exam CBAP topic 1 question 64 discussion

Actual exam question from IIBA's CBAP
Question #: 64
Topic #: 1
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You are the business analyst for your organization. You are currently working with Steve on the organize requirements process. You and Steve have elected to use the user stories approach for this process.
What is the user stories approach for requirements organization?

  • A. Stakeholders' experiences equate to the stakeholder requirements.
  • B. Stakeholders are interviewed and their experiences are recorded to help identify the requirements.
  • C. Stakeholders' objectives are described to identify the requirements that the solution will need to support.
  • D. Stakeholders are interviewed and their stories are recorded as part of the requirements.
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Suggested Answer: C 🗳️


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1 month, 1 week ago
Selected Answer: D
Option C describes a different approach known as "stakeholder objectives." In this approach, stakeholders' overarching objectives or goals are identified to derive the requirements that the solution must support. While it's a valid approach, it's not specifically the user stories approach. User stories, as described in option D, focus on capturing specific user scenarios or narratives to express requirements in a more user-centric and narrative format.
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1 month, 3 weeks ago
Selected Answer: D
I'm going with D. Stakeholders are interviewed and their stories are recorded as part of the requirements. It aligns with the description of the user stories approach as outlined in10.48 BABOK V3. In the user stories approach, stakeholders' needs are captured through conversations or interviews, and their stories are recorded to define features of value to them. These recorded stories serve as the basis for identifying, prioritizing, estimating, and planning solutions. Therefore, option D accurately reflects the user stories approach for requirements organization.
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7 months, 2 weeks ago
Conversation 10.48. User stories help teams to explore and understand the feature described in the story and the value it will deliver to the stakeholder. The story itself doesn't capture everything there is to know about the stakeholder need and the information in the story is supplemented by further modelling as the story is delivered.
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1 year, 6 months ago
babok 3. pg 360
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2 years, 3 months ago
Requirements are always based on the objective and goals.
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