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Exam CTFL topic 1 question 38 discussion

Actual exam question from iSQI's CTFL
Question #: 38
Topic #: 1
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What content would be in an incident report if that incident report was based on the IEEE 829 Standard for SoftwareTest Documentation?
(i)Identification of configuration items of the software or system.
(ii)Software or system lifecycle process in which the incident was observed.
(iii)Description of the anomaly to enable reproduction of the incident.
(iv)Number of occurrences of the incident.
(v)Classification of the cause of the incident for metrics and for reporting purposes.

  • A. i, ii, iii
  • B. ii, iii
  • C. i, iii, iv
  • D. i, ii, iii, v A
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Answer A
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Selected Answer: A
Ans: A IEEE 829 Standard: Test Incident Report Template: 1. Test incident report identifier 2. Summary 3. Incident description (inputs, expected results, actual results, anomalies, date and time, procedure step, environment, attempts to repeat, testers and observers) 4. Impact Anyway, cause of incident would be under Root Cause Analysis which is usually done by developer, not tester.
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3 weeks ago
INFORME DE INCIDENTE IEEE std. 829 Identificador Resumen del incidente Descripción de datos objetivos (fecha/hora, entradas,resultados esperados, etc) Impacto que tendrá sobre las pruebas
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