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Exam ITILFND V4 topic 1 question 175 discussion

Actual exam question from ITIL's ITILFND V4
Question #: 175
Topic #: 1
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Which approach is CORRECT when applying the guiding principle ג€˜keep it simple and practicalג€™?

  • A. Only add controls and metrics when they are needed
  • B. Design controls and metrics first, then remove those not adding value
  • C. Design controls and metrics and add them individually until all are implemented
  • D. Only add controls and metrics that are required for compliance
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Suggested Answer: B


5 days, 23 hours ago
A is correct When designing or improving service management, it is better to start with an uncomplicated approach and then carefully add controls, activities, or metrics when it is seen that they are truly needed.
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