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Exam LFCS topic 1 question 57 discussion

Actual exam question from Linux Foundation's LFCS
Question #: 57
Topic #: 1
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What is the difference between the i and a commands of the vi editor?

  • A. i (interactive) requires the user to explicitly switch between vi modes whereas a (automatic) switches modes automatically.
  • B. i (insert) inserts text before the current cursor position whereas a (append) inserts text after the cursor.
  • C. i (independent rows) starts every new line at the first character whereas a (aligned rows) keeps the indentation of the previous line.
  • D. i (interrupt) temporarily suspends editing of a file to the background whereas a (abort) terminates editing.
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Suggested Answer: B


1 week ago
B is correct. without pressing i and making it active you can't type anything in the vi editor, as it helps you add text to the editor.
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1 month, 3 weeks ago
B is correct.
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