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Exam PEGACSA72V1 topic 1 question 47 discussion

Actual exam question from Pegasystems's PEGACSA72V1
Question #: 47
Topic #: 1
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While reviewing a UI form in a Grooming/Elaboration playback, you notice a typo in the label of a field. Which tool allows you to identify the section rule that contains the incorrect label?

  • A. Live UI
  • B. The Property Analyzer
  • C. The Tracer
  • D. The Clipboard tool
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Suggested Answer: D


3 months, 3 weeks ago
Correct. Detect when the value of a property changes = Watch variable https://community.pega.com/sites/default/files/help_v731/engine/tracer/eng-tracer-set-watch-variables-tsk.htm Stop execution = Trace settings https://community.pega.com/sites/default/files/help_v731/engine/tracer/eng-tracer-select-events-tsk.htm
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2 weeks, 4 days ago
Answer is option A
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