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Exam PMI-ACP topic 1 question 641 discussion

Actual exam question from PMI's PMI-ACP
Question #: 641
Topic #: 1
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A product owner with experience in a predictive approach wants the team to develop very detailed schedules and cost estimates for the next 10 sprints.
What should the Scrum Master do?

  • A. Suggest the product owner start by focusing on the next 2 sprints instead of 10
  • B. Spend the first few sprints to develop detailed schedules and budgets
  • C. Invite the product owner to the retrospective to explain the team's approach to schedule and budget
  • D. Explain that detailed project schedules and budgets are not artifacts in agile projects
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Suggested Answer: C


1 month ago
why not A?
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1 month, 2 weeks ago
I'll go with D. It is the job of the SM do make the team including the PO aware of the Agile principles and mindset. Option A doesn't really communicate the agile principles to the PO but is merely an authoritative way of communicating ( not recommended in Agile). Option B is against the Agile principles since there are no detailed budgets and schedules and these are artifacts of the predictive project management. Option C leaves the resolution to the issues on hand to the retro which is done after the sprint, leaves it too late so incorrect. Option D is a direct and most suitable option without wasting any time. I would go with D.
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5 months, 2 weeks ago
I assume that C is the best answer. Scrum Master should coach team and the company about agile methods and mindsets. Answers A and D just poing P.O. to some solution without coaching. Answer C explains and coaches P.O. about agile methods.
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2 months ago
C is absolutely wrong as retrospective is for what is going well, where could use improvements, and what should be done differently. For me A is the best choice for this approach.
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5 months, 3 weeks ago
A is the right answer
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7 months ago
It should be A, retrospective is not a meeting to explain the team approach
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