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Exam PgMP topic 1 question 437 discussion

Actual exam question from PMI's PgMP
Question #: 437
Topic #: 1
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A program manager for the construction of a ship reviews the program management plan with a shipyard representative. The shipyard representative indicates that while 65 percent progress was anticipated, only 60 percent has been achieved.
What should the program manager do to ensure benefits realization?

  • A. Conduct a program performance analysis based upon the deviation, and update the program business case to reflect the schedule delay.
  • B. Inform the program sponsor and the steering committee of the delay, and validate the program business case.
  • C. Analyze the impact of the delay, review risks identify any corrective actions, and update the benefits management plan.
  • D. Update the program schedule, and escalate the issue to the program management office (PMO) to accelerate shipyard work.
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Suggested Answer: D


1 month, 1 week ago
I pick C, not understand why pmo can help on shipyard work
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