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Exam PRINCE2-Practitioner topic 11 question 2 discussion

Actual exam question from PRINCE2's PRINCE2-Practitioner
Question #: 2
Topic #: 11
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During stage 4, a work package was authorized for the 'delivered pilot courses' to be completed by the end of week 2. The 'finalized materials' work package will start in week 3. Both work packages have zero tolerances, and finalizing the materials is dependent on feedback from the pilot courses.
During week 1, there were some problems with the pilot courses, so at the start of week 2 the team manager rescheduled the courses to week 3, and reported this in the weekly checkpoint report as the end of week 2.
Should the team manager have reported this delay previously as an issue, and why?

  • A. Yes, because the work package to deliver the pilot courses was forecast to exceed its time tolerance.
  • B. Yes, because a team manager should not change the scheduled order of a work package.
  • C. No, because the checkpoint report for week 1 should include information on any issues that occurred.
  • D. No, because the feedback from the rescheduled courses can be used in week 4 to finalize the materials.
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Suggested Answer: C 🗳️


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3 days, 1 hour ago
Selected Answer: A
I believe the correct answer is A
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5 months, 1 week ago
I believe the correct answer is A - as there are 0 tolerances for WP delay and 2nd WP is dependent on the 1st WP, team manager should raise an issue as soon as he realized the tolerances will be breached.
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A (35%)
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B (20%)
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