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Exam EX200 topic 1 question 40 discussion

Actual exam question from RedHat's EX200
Question #: 40
Topic #: 1
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You are a System administrator. Using Log files very easy to monitor the system. Now there are 50 servers running as Mail, Web, Proxy, DNS services etc. You want to centralize the logs from all servers into on LOG Server. How will you configure the LOG Server to accept logs from remote host?

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Suggested Answer: See explanation below.
By default, system accept the logs only generated from local host. To accept the Log from other host configure: vi /etc/sysconfig/syslog SYSLOGD_OPTIONS="-m 0 -r"

Where -
-m 0 disables 'MARK' messages.
-r enables logging from remote machines
-x disables DNS lookups on messages received with -r
service syslog restart


2 months, 1 week ago
The file is locate at: vim /etc/sysconfig/rsyslog
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5 days, 5 hours ago
so what exactly are we typing here. which part from the explanation to whrere /etc/sysconfig/rsyslog or etc/sysconfig/syslog ???
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