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Exam EX200 topic 1 question 25 discussion

Actual exam question from RedHat's EX200
Question #: 25
Topic #: 1
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Search a String -
Find out all the columns that contains the string seismic within /usr/share/dict/words, then copy all these columns to /root/lines.tx in original order, there is no blank line, all columns must be the accurate copy of the original columns.

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Suggested Answer: See explanation below.
grep seismic /usr/share/dict/words > /root/lines.txt


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1 week, 3 days ago
cat /usr/share/dict/words | grep seismic > /lines.tx
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2 months, 2 weeks ago
grep seismic /usr/share/dict/words > /root/lines.tx cat /root/lines.tx
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