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Exam NCLEX-RN topic 2 question 71 discussion

Actual exam question from Test Prep's NCLEX-RN
Question #: 71
Topic #: 2
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After a 10-year-old child with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus receives her dinner tray, she tells the nurse that she hates broccoli and wants some corn on the cob. The nurses appropriate response is:

  • A. "No vegetable exchanges are allowed."
  • B. "Corn and other starchy vegetables are considered to be bread exchanges."
  • C. "Yes, you may exchange any vegetable for any other vegetable."
  • D. "Yes, but only one-half ear is allowed."
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Suggested Answer: B
(A) Sites for injection need to be rotated, including abdominal sites, to enhance insulin absorption. (B) The pinch technique is the most effective method for obtaining skin tightness to allow easy entrance of the needle to subcutaneous tissues. (C) Massaging the site of injectionfacilitates absorption of the insulin. (D)
Changing the needle will break the sterility of the system. It has become acceptable practice to reuse disposable needles and syringes for 37 days.


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Wrong rationale for the question; this rationale is for the next question; please resolve confusion. Thanks. [email protected]
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