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Exam GRE Section 1 Verbal topic 4 question 124 discussion

Actual exam question from Test Prep's GRE Section 1 Verbal
Question #: 124
Topic #: 4
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The first person in the group starts off by naming anything that is geographical. It could be a city, state, country, river, lake, or any proper geographical term. For example, the person might say,"Boston." The second person has ten seconds to think of how the word ends and come up with another geographical term starting with that letter. The second participant might say, "Norway," since the geographical term has to start with "N." The third person would have to choose a word beginning with " Y." If a player fails to think of a correct answer within the time limit, that player is out of the game. The last person to survive is the champion.
Before you choose your own word, think about how ...

  • A. the last word starts
  • B. the last word ends
  • C. smart you are
  • D. long the last word is
  • E. the spelling of the first word
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Suggested Answer: B


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1 month, 3 weeks ago
I think the answer should be E
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