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Exam VCS-277 topic 1 question 61 discussion

Actual exam question from Veritas's VCS-277
Question #: 61
Topic #: 1
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An administrator took media server mediaA offline for maintenance and set up a new media server mediaB with access to the previously backed up data. When restores are performed for data that was backed up by mediaA, the restores fail.
Which setting must the administrator modify to allow successful restores?

  • A. from the master server, run bpimage to change the name of the media server from mediaA to mediaB
  • B. set Enable unrestricted media sharing for all media servers in the master server host properties in the Media section
  • C. in the Bar console, change the Server to use for backup and restores setting to mediaB
  • D. verify both media servers are set up in the master server host properties in the Restore Failover section
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Suggested Answer: A


3 months, 4 weeks ago
why not D?
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