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Exam Scrum Master Certified topic 1 question 90 discussion

Actual exam question from Vmedu's Scrum Master Certified
Question #: 90
Topic #: 1
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The Scrum Master must ensure that a sustainable pace is maintained throughout every Sprint. What does sustainable pace mean in the context of Scrum?

  • A. Effort spent in each Sprint increases gradually, as the team gains momentum to deliver.
  • B. Effort spent in each Sprint decreases gradually, as the team becomes more familiar with the expected deliverables.
  • C. Effort expended in the present Sprint is similar to the effort spent on the previous Sprints, and is a comfortable pace for the team.
  • D. Effort spent in the Sprint is directly proportional to the cost incurred in the Sprint.
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Suggested Answer: B 🗳️


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Highly Voted 1 year, 1 month ago
Answer: C Sustainable Pace - is the pace at which the team can work and comfortably maintain. It translates to increased employee satisfaction, stability, and increased estimation accuracy, all of which ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction
upvoted 8 times
6 months ago
Definitely C
upvoted 4 times
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A (35%)
C (25%)
B (20%)
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