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Exam Scrum Master Certified topic 1 question 93 discussion

Actual exam question from Vmedu's Scrum Master Certified
Question #: 93
Topic #: 1
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Which of the following statements about non-core Scrum roles is correct?

  • A. Non-core roles are mandatorily required for the Scrum project to be successful.
  • B. Non-core roles are supportive roles indirectly responsible for the success or failure of the project.
  • C. Non-core roles are involved with the project, but do not have any interest in the project.
  • D. Non-core roles have a formal stature on the project team and are continuously involved in the Scrum process.
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Suggested Answer: A 🗳️


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6 months ago
Correc answer option B: Non-core Roles - Non-core roles are those roles which are not mandatorily required for the Scrum project and may include team members who are interested in the project. They have no formal role in the project team and may interface with the team, but may not be responsible for the success of the project. The non-core roles should be taken into account in any Scrum project.
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B (20%)
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