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Exam Scrum Master Certified topic 1 question 56 discussion

Actual exam question from Vmedu's Scrum Master Certified
Question #: 56
Topic #: 1
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As a Scrum Master, you have to coordinate with the Product Owner to ensure that an appropriate Length of Sprint is determined keeping in mind the changes expected. Which of the following statements is true in this regard?

  • A. It is advisable to consider the Release Dates for the overall product or service to determine the Length of Sprint.
  • B. The impact and frequency of expected changes do not have any impact on the decision related to the Length of Sprint.
  • C. If the project is stable, with only minor changes expected, the Length of Sprint should be relatively shorter, 1 to 3 weeks.
  • D. To get maximum benefits from a Scrum project, it is always recommended to keep the Sprint Time-boxed to 6 weeks.
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Suggested Answer: C 🗳️
If project requirements are generally stable and major changes are not expected in the near future, the Length of a Sprint may be set to be longer, 4 to 6 weeks.
This provides stability to the Scrum Team members to work on the Prioritized Product Backlog requirements for lengthy periods of time without having to go through the Create User Stories, Approve, Estimate and Commit User Stories, Create Tasks, Estimate Task, and other related processes that are conducted for every Sprint. However, if project requirements are not very well defined or if significant changes are expected in the immediate future, the Length of Sprint may be relatively shorter, 1 to 3 weeks. This provides stability to the Scrum Team members to work on shorter Sprints and deliver results, which can be evaluated by the
Product Owner and stakeholders at the end of the Sprint. This also provides enough flexibility for them to clarify requirements and make changes to the Prioritized
Product Backlog at the end of each Sprint.


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