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Exam 3V0-42.20 topic 1 question 56 discussion

Actual exam question from VMware's 3V0-42.20
Question #: 56
Topic #: 1
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An architect is helping an organization with the Logical Design of an NSX-T Data Center solution.
This information was gathered during the Assessment Phase:
✑ Customer is concerned with NSX Manager availability.
✑ 3 cabinets/racks are available in the data center.

No integration with 3 -
✑ party solution is required.
✑ There is no budget for physical equipment acquisition.
✑ The 3 cabinets/racks do not share the same L2 domain.
Which three selections should the architect include in their design to address the customer's concern with NSX Manager availability? (Choose three.)

  • A. Deploy 2 cold standby NSX Manager appliances in rack 2/3.
  • B. Use separate IP per NSX Manager appliance per rack.
  • C. Use another NSX Manager IP in case an appliance fails.
  • D. Deploy a single active NSX Manager appliance in rack 1.
  • E. Deploy an NSX Manager Appliance per rack and cluster them.
  • F. Use a physical/internal load-balancer with the cluster.
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Suggested Answer: ADE


Highly Voted 3 months, 1 week ago
Correct Answer: BEF
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Most Recent 1 month, 1 week ago
BEF is the correct. With load balancer you can deploy NSX Manager in different subnets and cluster them.
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2 months ago
Correct answer: BEF
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