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Exam 2V0-31.21 topic 1 question 34 discussion

Actual exam question from VMware's 2V0-31.21
Question #: 34
Topic #: 1
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An administrator successfully creates a new cloud template in Cloud Assembly for the DevOps project. The administrator is ready to publish the cloud template so that the DevOps team can use the catalog for self-service requests.
The administrator is trying to import the cloud template into Service Broker through the correct content source type. After creating the content source, the administrator cannot find the new cloud template listed in order to import it.
What might be the cause of this issue? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. The administrator did not create a version of the cloud template.
  • B. The administrator did not test the cloud template provisioning logic.
  • C. The administrator did not select the 'Release this version to the catalog' checkbox.
  • D. The administrator did not change the cloud template to a shared cloud template.
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Suggested Answer: D 🗳️


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1 month, 3 weeks ago
So... the answer could be C or D. Both are correct as best I can tell from reading Docs.
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3 months, 4 weeks ago
the answer should be is A already tested it
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3 months, 3 weeks ago
Sorry It is C
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5 months, 1 week ago
I think the answer should be C. it's a newly created template in Cloud Assembly and the administrator is trying to import, not the user trying to use it. as in the ref doc says 'When you have a deployable template, you can now make it available in the Service Broker catalog for other uses to deploy. To make the cloud template discoverable so that you can add it to the catalog, you must release it.' ref: https://docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Automation/8.6/Using-and-Managing-Cloud-Assembly/GUID-3A721093-9648-45D2-BDEC-11E9F36833E4.html
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7 months ago
Correct https://docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Automation/services/Using-and-Managing-Service-Broker/GUID-45AA67E6-9DF5-445F-ACAB-4FD1F2615611.html Share the imported cloud templates with a project. The people that you want to have permission deploy the imported 8.0.1 or later cloud templates, but be a member of the selected project. Select Content and Policies > Content Sharing. Select the project that includes the users who must have permission to deploy the imported 8.0.1 or later items. Click Add Items and then select one or more catalog items to share with the project members. You can select all the items imported from the vRealize Automation 8.x content source, or you can expand the source trees and select individual items. Click Save.
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A (35%)
C (25%)
B (20%)
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