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Exam Essentials topic 1 question 20 discussion

Actual exam question from WatchGuard's Essentials
Question #: 20
Topic #: 1
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When your users connect to the Authentication Portal page to authenticate, they see a security warning message in their browses, which they must accept before they can authenticate. How can you make sure they do not see this security warning message in their browsers? (Select one.)

  • A. Import a custom self-signed certificate or a third-party certificate to your Firebox and import the same certificate to all client computers or web browsers.
  • B. Replace the Firebox certificate with the trusted certificate from your web server.
  • C. Add the user accounts for your users who use the Authentication Portal to a list of trusted users on your Firebox.
  • D. Instruct them to disable security warning message in their preferred browsers.
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Suggested Answer: A


1 month ago
Because A did not mention that cer to be imported to Firebox and client is host or CA. If it is host, A won't work. So A is inconclusive. However, D is effective. Answer should be D.
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3 weeks, 6 days ago
D would be a security risk for all sites
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