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Exam Essentials topic 1 question 28 discussion

Actual exam question from WatchGuard's Essentials
Question #: 28
Topic #: 1
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You can configure the SMTP-proxy policy to restrict email messages and email content based on which of these message characteristics? (Select four.)

  • A. Sender Mail From address
  • B. Check URLs in message with WebBlocker
  • C. Email message size
  • D. Attachment file name and content type
  • E. Maximum email recipients
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Suggested Answer: ACDE
A: Another way to protect your SMTP server is to restrict incoming traffic to only messages that use your company domain. In this example, we use the mywatchguard.com domain. You can use your own company domain.
1. From the SMTP-Incoming Categories list, select Address > Rcpt To.
2. In the Pattern text box, type *.mywatchguard.com. Click Add. This denies any email messages with a Rcpt To address that does not match the company domain.
3. Click OK to close the SMTP Proxy Action Configuration dialog box.
C: In this exercise we will reduce the maximum email size to 5 MB (5, 000 kilobytes).
1. From the SMTP Proxy Action dialog box under the Categories list, select General > General Settings.
2. Find the Limits section. In the Set the maximum email size value box, type 5000.
D: Example: He must configure the Firebox to allow Microsoft Access database files to go through the SMTP proxy. He must also configure the Firebox to deny
Apple iTunes MP4 files because of a recent vulnerability announced by Apple.
1. From the SMTP-Incoming Categories list, select Attachments > Content Types.
2. In the Actions to take section, use the None Matched drop-down list to select Allow.
This allows all content types through Firebox to the SMTP server. After Successful Company is able to add in the specific content types they want to allow, they set this parameter to strip content type that does not match their list of allowed content types.
From the SMTP-Incoming Categories list, select Attachments > Filenames.
4. The filename extension for Microsoft Access databases is ".mdb". In the list of filenames, find and select .mdb. Click Remove. Click Yes to confirm.
3. If no rules match, the Action to take option is set to allow the attachment. In this example, MS Access files are now allowed through the Firebox.
5. In the Pattern text box, type *.mp4. Click Add.
This rule configures the Firebox to deny all files with the Apple iTunes ".mp4" file extension bound for the SMTP server.
E: The Set the maximum email recipient checkbox is used to set the maximum number of email recipients to which a message can be sent in the adjacent text box that appears, type or select the number of recipients.
The XTM device counts and allows the specified number of addresses through, and then drops the other addresses. For example, if you set the value to 50 and there is a message for 52 addresses, the first 50 addresses get the email message. The last two addresses do not get a copy of the message.
Not B: Webblocker is configured through a HTTP-policy, not through an SMTP policy.
Reference: Fireware Basics, Courseware: WatchGuard System Manager 10, pages 125, 126


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Excepted B. Firebox do not touch plain text inside email.
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