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Exam Essentials topic 1 question 29 discussion

Actual exam question from WatchGuard's Essentials
Question #: 29
Topic #: 1
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After you enable spamBlocker, your users experience no reduction in the amount of spam they receive. What could explain this? (Select three.)

  • A. Connections cannot be resolved to the spamBlocker servers because DNS is not configured on the Firebox.
  • B. The spamBlocker action for Confirmed Spam is set to Allow.
  • C. The Maximum File Size to Scan option is set too high.
  • D. A spamBlocker exception is configured to allow traffic from sender *.
  • E. spamBlocker Virus Outbreak Detection is not enabled.
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Suggested Answer: ABD
A: Spamblocker requires DNS to be configured on your XTM device
B: If you use spamBlocker with the POP3 proxy, you have only two actions to choose from: Add Subject Tag and Allow. Allow lets spam email messages go through the Firebox without a tag.
D: The Firebox might sometimes identify a message as spam when it is not spam. If you know the address of the sender, you can configure the Firebox with an exception that tells it not to examine messages from that source address or domain.
Reference: Fireware Basics, Courseware: WatchGuard System Manager 10, page 138


2 months, 2 weeks ago
A. DNS is important for firebox it's use to resolve name for all watchguard subscription services such as spam blocker server, Antivirus signature APT signature etc.. B. We can specific action for "confirm spam" email allow deny quarantine or add some word to subject. D. Spam blocker also exception mail from/to by domain or [email protected]
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