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Exam T1-GR1 topic 1 question 143 discussion

Actual exam question from WorldatWork's T1-GR1
Question #: 143
Topic #: 1
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After revising or enhancing total rewards programs, what should the TR practitioner do to ensure business alignment?

  • A. Revisit the TR program design and administration
  • B. Revisit the total rewards strategy
  • C. Revisit the human resources strategy
  • D. Revisit the corporate vision and mission
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Suggested Answer: B


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3 months, 2 weeks ago
Please review the answer for this question. According to the life-cycle of the design process, when there is a review or enhance of the TR, the mission and vision of the organisation must revisited to ensure compliance with the business alignment and not the total rewards strategy. The TR strategy is a consequence of previous strategies of the cycle and should not be from the mission , vision and business strategy.
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3 months, 2 weeks ago
should not far from the mission, vision and business strategy*** (correcting the last sentence of my comment)
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