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BCS ASTQB Exam Actual Questions

The questions for ASTQB were last updated at Oct. 16, 2021.
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Topic 1 - Single Topic

Question #1 Topic 1

What types of testing are particularly important for mobile applications based on the user's expectations?

  • A. Suitability and Accuracy
  • B. Usability and Performance
  • C. Portability and Usability
  • D. Performance and Security
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Correct Answer: B
While all of these are important, the user has particularly high expectations for the usability and performance of a mobile application.

Question #2 Topic 1

If an application resides on the mobile device and was written specifically for that device, what type of application is it?

  • A. Web-based
  • B. Hybrid
  • C. Native
  • D. Device-specific
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Correct Answer: C
An application that resides on the mobile device rather than on a web server and is written to work with a specific device is a native application.

Question #3 Topic 1

You are testing an application for a smart phone. You have determined that you only need to test one device from the target family of devices because the behavior of all devices in that family will be the same for this application.
This is an example of what test design technique?

  • A. Boundary value analysis
  • B. Combinatorial
  • C. Decision tables
  • D. Equivalence Partitioning
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Correct Answer: D
This is an example of EP where all the members of the class are expected to behave in the same manner, therefore only one member of the class needs to be tested. Combinatorial technique is not the correct answer because that would be looking to reduce the set of test devices based on creating combinations to test.

Question #4 Topic 1

If you are testing a mobile application that is not safety-critical, which life cycle model is most likely to be used?

  • A. V-model
  • B. Waterfall
  • C. Mobile
  • D. Iterative
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Correct Answer: D
Agile, a form of iterative lifecycle models, is often used for developing mobile applications as are other iterative lifecycles. Waterfall and V-model would be used for safety-critical where more documentation and control is required. The "mobile model" doesn't yet exist but may in the future!