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CNCF CKA Exam Actual Questions

The questions for CKA were last updated on May 18, 2024.
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Topic 1 - Single Topic

Question #1 Topic 1


Context -
You have been asked to create a new ClusterRole for a deployment pipeline and bind it to a specific ServiceAccount scoped to a specific namespace.

Task -
Create a new ClusterRole named deployment-clusterrole, which only allows to create the following resource types:
✑ Deployment
✑ Stateful Set
✑ DaemonSet
Create a new ServiceAccount named cicd-token in the existing namespace app-team1.
Bind the new ClusterRole deployment-clusterrole to the new ServiceAccount cicd-token, limited to the namespace app-team1.

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Question #2 Topic 1


Task -
Set the node named ek8s-node-0 as unavailable and reschedule all the pods running on it.

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Question #3 Topic 1


Task -
Given an existing Kubernetes cluster running version 1.22.1, upgrade all of the Kubernetes control plane and node components on the master node only to version 1.22.2.
Be sure to drain the master node before upgrading it and uncordon it after the upgrade.

You are also expected to upgrade kubelet and kubectl on the master node.

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Question #4 Topic 1


Task -
First, create a snapshot of the existing etcd instance running at, saving the snapshot to /var/lib/backup/etcd-snapshot.db.

Next, restore an existing, previous snapshot located at /var/lib/backup/etcd-snapshot-previous.db.

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