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Google search-advertising Exam Actual Questions

The questions for search-advertising were last updated at Nov. 20, 2020.
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Topic 1 - Single Topic

Question #1 Topic 1

You have created several campaigns with Google AdWords for your clients. You are using the Manager
Defined Spend for your budgets in Google AdWords. When you create a new start date for a budget, what requirement does Google have in regard to the new budget and existing budgets that you manage?

  • A. Managed account budgets must be approved by two parties before the ad will begin display.
  • B. Start dates for new budgets can't overlap with other budgets that may already be set up for the managed account.
  • C. Managed account budgets cannot exceed $100 per day.
  • D. Managed account budgets can't start and end on the same day for more than three managed accounts.
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Correct Answer: B

Question #2 Topic 1

Alice manages several AdWords accounts and she has three assistants who help with the management of the accounts. Alice receives a phone call from one of her clients regarding recent Google AdWords clicks.
The client reports that he thinks something is amiss with his account, and thinks someone has changed the budget. How can Alice review any changes to the account and, if necessary, determine if someone has made changes to the account's budget?

  • A. Alice should use the Change History Tool.
  • B. Alice should use the AdWords API.
  • C. Alice should use the My Client Center.
  • D. Alice should use the AdWords Editor.
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Correct Answer: A

Question #3 Topic 1

John has started a new business that sells bumper stickers online. His primary advertising focus is branding his business name, and getting as much exposure as possible on the Internet. John has hired you to help him manage his Google advertising. Based on what you know so far, what approach would you recommend to John?

  • A. SEM based on web content
  • B. SEO for good web content
  • C. CPM models
  • D. PPC models
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Correct Answer: C

Question #4 Topic 1

Ivan has created advertisements for his online printing business. His ads have been running for two months, and he'd like to get a sense of where his ads are geographically being shown. How can Ivan see

  • A. Ivan must create a Geographic Performance Report in his account.
  • B. Unless Ivan creates a location targeting ad, he won't see this information.
  • C. Ivan must create an IP Address Report; Google will resolve the IP Address to locations.
  • D. Ivan must create an IP Address report, and then resolve the IP addresses to locations.
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Correct Answer: A

Question #5 Topic 1

Terri has created a website for her web design business. Through her SEO efforts and good web content, her site has reached the top position in Google's organic search results for certain keywords. On her site, she has added the phrase 'Recommended by Google' in the header. She does not, however, use this phrase in her Google AdWords ads. Is this a problem according to Google AdWords policies?

  • A. Yes, Terri must add this phrase to her Google AdWords advertisements too.
  • B. No, Terri can add this info to her site as long as she doesn't put this phrase in her Google AdWords advertisements.
  • C. No, Terri's site is recommended by Google as she's on the top, in search results on certain keywords.
  • D. Yes, Google doesn't allow ads or sites to add such language that may mislead readers to believe her
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Correct Answer: D