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LPI 701-100 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for 701-100 were last updated on April 13, 2024.
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Topic 1 - Single Topic

Question #1 Topic 1

Which git sub command copies a local commit to a remote repository? (Specify ONLY the sub command without any path or parameters.)

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Correct Answer: clone

Question #2 Topic 1

Which of the following statements regarding microservices are true? (Choose three correct answers.)

  • A. Microservices facilitate the replacement of the implementation of a specific functionality.
  • B. Microservices applications are hard to scale because microservice architecture allow only one instance of each microservice.
  • C. Integration tests for microservices are not possible until all microservices forming a specific application are completely developed.
  • D. Interaction between microservices can be slower that the interaction of similar components within a monolithic application.
  • E. Within one application, individual microservices can be updated and redeployed independent of the remaining microservices.
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Correct Answer: CDE 🗳️

Question #3 Topic 1

Which statements are true regarding databases during the deployment of a new release of a service using canary deployment? (Choose two correct answers.)

  • A. Changes to the database schema can take long and reduce the database performance.
  • B. Traffic to the database will significantly increase because of the additional service instance.
  • C. The database schema must be compatible to all running versions of a service.
  • D. The database is locked while its content is copied to the canary database.
  • E. Canary deployments require two synchronized instances of each database.
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Correct Answer: BE 🗳️

Question #4 Topic 1

A declarative Jenkins pipeline contains the following excerpt: parameters { string (name: "˜TargetEnvironment', defaultValue: "˜staging', description: "˜Target environment')
How can a task use the value provided for TargetEnvironment?

  • A. {{TargetEnvironment}}
  • B. $TargetEnvironment
  • C. %TargetEnvironment%
  • D. ${params.TargetEnvironment}
  • E. $ENV{TargetEnvironment}
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Correct Answer: B 🗳️

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