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Microsoft MB2-714 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for MB2-714 were last updated on March 28, 2024.
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Topic 1 - Single Topic

Question #1 Topic 1

While viewing open cases on an interactive dashboard in the integrated service hub, your manager informs you that there is a recall on a new product. The cases associated to the new product must not affect the customer support agreement and must be moved to a queue named Recall Queue for processing.
You discover that a case regarding the recalled product is assigned to you.
You need to manage the case based on guidelines provided by the manager.
What are two possible actions that achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. Assign
  • B. Do not decrement entitlement terms
  • C. Apply Routing Rule
  • D. Add to Queue
  • E. Merge
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Correct Answer: BE 🗳️

Question #2 Topic 1

You have a Dynamics CRM organization.
You need to recommend which technology can be used to integrate CRM to a telephony system and to provide call scripts from within CRM cases.
Which technology should you recommend?

  • A. Microsoft Parature
  • B. the Engagement Hub
  • C. the Interactive service hub
  • D. the Integrated Desktop Agent
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Correct Answer: D 🗳️

Question #3 Topic 1

Your company has service technicians who are sent to customer sites. Depending on the requirements of the customer, the service technicians might need to bring specific equipment.
You have a customer who requests a service technician named Tech1.
When you attempt to schedule the service appointment, you discover that Tech1 is an unavailable resource. Tech1 can be scheduled for other service activities.
You need to identify what prevents Tech1 from being available for the service appointment.
Which two conditions should you identify? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

  • A. the service preferences of the customer
  • B. the security of Tech1
  • C. the resources of the resource group
  • D. the selection rules of the service
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Correct Answer: CD 🗳️

Question #4 Topic 1

You are managing business closures in Dynamics CRM.
You configure business closure days for your company. You have 50 managers who belong to a resource group named Managers.
You need to ensure that the managers can be scheduled for activities anytime, including during the business closure days. All other resources must be prevented from being scheduled on the business closure days.
What should you configure?

  • A. the user records
  • B. the selection rules
  • C. the record for the Managers resource group
  • D. the closure for the CRM organization
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Correct Answer: A 🗳️

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