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Netapp NS0-162 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for NS0-162 were last updated at June 29, 2022.
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Topic 1 - Single Topic

Question #1 Topic 1

You are the administrator of an ONTAP 9.8 cluster. You have configured an hourly snapshot schedule for all NAS volumes. One of your users accidentally deleted an important spreadsheet file on an SMB share. The file needs to be restored as quickly as possible by the Windows user.
Which statement is correct in this scenario?

  • A. In Windows Explorer, right-click on the SMB share where the file was deleted, go to previous versions select the file and copy it to the original location.
  • B. On the cluster CLI, execute the volume snapshot restore-file command with the options to select the SnapShot, path, and restore-path.
  • C. On the cluster CLI, execute the volume clone create command with the ג€"parent-snapshot option set to the latest Snapshot copy and share the cloned volume as an SMB share, then copy the file back.
  • D. In ONTAP System Manager, navigate to the volume where the share resides, click on SnapShot copies and restore the latest SnapShot copy.
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Correct Answer: A 🗳️

Question #2 Topic 1

After creating several volumes, you notice that the hosting aggregates immediately show a decrease in available space.
Which volume setting would prevent this outcome?

  • A. space guarantee set to ג€volumeג€
  • B. space SLO set to ג€semi-thickג€
  • C. space guarantee set to ג€noneג€
  • D. space SLO set to ג€thickג€
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Correct Answer: B 🗳️

Question #3 Topic 1

You want to prepare your ONTAP cluster and your ESXi cluster to connect NFS datastores over a 10-GbE network using jumbo frames.
In this scenario, which three configurations would accomplish this task? (Choose three.)

  • A. Enable jumbo frames with an MTU of 1500 for your ESXi hosts
  • B. Enable jumbo frames with an MTU of 9000 for your ONTAP cluster
  • C. Enable jumbo frames with an MTU of 1500 for your ONTAP cluster
  • D. Enable jumbo frames with an MTU of 9000 for your ESXi hosts
  • E. Enable jumbo frames with an MTU of 9216 for your switches
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Correct Answer: BDE 🗳️

Question #4 Topic 1

Which two storage efficiency features are enabled by default on AFF systems? (Choose two.)

  • A. volume-level inline deduplication
  • B. aggregate-level compression
  • C. LUN-level compression
  • D. aggregate-level inline deduplication
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Correct Answer: AD 🗳️

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