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VMware 2VB-602 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for 2VB-602 were last updated at Nov. 27, 2021.
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Topic 1 - Single Topic

Question #1 Topic 1

What are three actions that are managed in the Policies section of vRealize Operations? (Choose three.)

  • A. Modify the CPU demand value in a custom profile
  • B. Modify the level above which the Faults badge will be read
  • C. Determine which resources are included in workload calculations
  • D. Set the virtual CPU to physical CPU overcommit ratio to use in capacity calculations
  • E. Enable the calculation of capacity metrics and badges
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Correct Answer: CDE

Question #2 Topic 1

Which out of the box Profile VM size can be used in a capacity project? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Small
  • B. Medium
  • C. Average
  • D. Large
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Correct Answer: C

Question #3 Topic 1

What are the possible roles that can be assigned when deploying a vRealize Operations appliance? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Master, Master Replica, Data, Remote Collector
  • B. Master, Analytics, Remote Collector, Child
  • C. Master, Backup, Analytics, Remote Collector
  • D. Parent, Child, Remote Collector
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Correct Answer: A
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Question #4 Topic 1

View the exhibit.

As shown in the exhibit, with a wait Cycle of 2 and a Cancel Cycle of 1, when will the alert be triggered by default?

  • A. 10 minutes
  • B. 5 minutes
  • C. 2 minutes
  • D. 1 minute
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Correct Answer: A
Reference -

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