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Exam 220-1002 topic 2 question 4 discussion

Actual exam question from CompTIA's 220-1002
Question #: 4
Topic #: 2
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A sales representative regularly modifies confidential files on a laptop and needs them to be available all the time. The sales representative will be on a six-month business trip in two weeks. A technician has been asked to assist the sales representative with saving files.
Which of the following is the BEST method to implement to prevent any data loss for the sales representative?

  • A. Give the sales representative a USB security lock.
  • B. Encrypt the laptop's image on the server.
  • C. Create a redundant cloud storage drive.
  • D. Give the sales representative an external hard drive.
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Suggested Answer: C


8 months, 3 weeks ago
Would an external not be a better choice since the data has to be "available at all times"? Am I looking too much into the question if I assume that the user will possibly without internet, therefore, rendering the data in the cloud unavailable?
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8 months, 2 weeks ago
I think the question is requesting to save somewhere local NAS before he goes for trip.
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5 months, 1 week ago
I think the reasoning behind the cloud option is that it is easier to access fron anywhere than trying to access the files from the company servers. Cloud is also safer than the external harddrive that could be lost, stolen or even damaged anytime
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4 months, 2 weeks ago
In typical CompTIA fashion, it is assumed that "available at all times" means "available to other staff members at all times" This is the only logical conclusion I can come to as to why C is correct
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1 month ago
Considering the sales rep is going to be on a six-month business trip. Any external storage (drive/USB even with lock) would be a security risk should it become lost/stolen/misplaced. The data would no longer be accessible. A cloud storage would be the best option because it is available all the time and there is no need to worry about forgetting to bring the external storage with you.
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5 days, 13 hours ago
D - External drive - What if the salesman happens to be somewhere without an internet connection? The cloud drive would be useless. But an external drive would always be there. and available.
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1 day, 4 hours ago
The main question is: the BEST method to implement to prevent any data loss for the sales representative
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