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Cisco 300-115 Exam

Certification Provider: Cisco
Exam: CCNP Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH v2.0)
Duration: 2 Hours
Number of questions in the database: 1000
Exam Version: Nov. 28, 2022
Exam Topics:
  • Topic 1: Layer 2 Technologies
  • Topic 2: Infrastructure Security
  • Topic 3: Infrastructure Services
  • Topic 4: Mix Questions
  • Topic 5: More Questions.
Cisco 300-115 Comments:
2 years, 10 months ago
About 20% of the exam are questions not from here. But I passed (minimum required score) with the help from this website :D. tnx
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2 years, 11 months ago
I used this in the morning before my switch exam. A good way to get into the right mindset. I like the way the page is setup! first choose the answer for yourself and check if you are correct. I passed the exam.
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2 years, 11 months ago
Thanks. I Passed today.
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2 years, 11 months ago
Very good, aced the exam, this is legit.
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What Exactly is the Cisco 300-115 Exam For?

The Cisco 300-115 Exam is for those attempting to get a CCNP Routing and Switching Certification, or Cisco Certified Network Professional Switch Certification. The traditional entry-level cert from Cisco (CCNA) is followed up by an expansion on your initial skills. The Professional level requires a deeper, more rigorous level of knowledge and is where a lack of experience starts to become a real road block. Many start off at the CCENT or CCNA level without any in-depth real life experience, but CCNP fundamentally requires an understanding that simply showing up with book knowledge isn’t likely to help with. It also is where you see even more specialization as we see with the 300-115 and the focus on Switches. The 300-115 SWITCH exam is specifically testing Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks.

What Does the 300-115 Exam Cover?

Clocking in at 120 minutes long and containing 45-55 questions related to CCNP Routing and Switching, the Cisco 300-115 SWITCH Exam covers 3 broad topics.

  1. Layer 2 Technologies
  2. Infrastructure Security
  3. Infrastructure Services

Initially these broad topics might seem very vague or unhelpful but someone aware of Networking topology would understand that many aspects of networking are divided up into layers. These layers help you identify and organize a networking setup in the most effective manner possible. In fact, 65% of the exam is focused on Layer 2 Technologies. Routing and Switching is an integral part of setting up a network in a physical location and without it, you’re unable to expand a network, solve problems, and create a strong server system. A good CCNP needs to have this knowledge and it’s fundamental for expanded learning.

What Does CCNP Routing and Switching Require?

To become certified as a Cisco Certified Network Professional in Routing and Switching requires more than a simple exam. The initial requirement is to possess a CCNA Routing and Switching Certification. This isn’t the most challenging aspect as CCNA level takes a bit of study but is obtainable with enough hard work. The CCNP level requires an additional 3 exams, the 300-101 ROUTE, 300-115 SWITCH, and 300-135 TSHOOT. These exams all cost additional money and require a lot of studying. In addition, at this level experience is pretty important. If you haven’t worked in the field or at the bare minimum built a live test lab for your networking practice, it’ll be hard to really grasp everything. After taking these three exams and passing, you can become a certified network professional.

Why Should I Go Past the CCNA Level?

The CCNA level is a fantastic starter cert for getting into the tech industry. As an IT professional you’ll be ready to work on a wide-variety of networks and really do some complex skilled things. Yet, progressing in IT almost always requires learning more and an endless quest for knowledge. Better yet, lower-level IT work often lacks the freedom and resources to do the necessary work that an IT professional longs for. Once you are highly qualified, more important jobs open up and you get to express yourself in new artistic ways. It may not seem like an art but wiring a server throughout a building, planning the way that everything fits together, monitoring and building your own system for a building is immensely satisfying and with a CCNP in Routing and Switching, you possess much of those abilities.

What is Routing and Switching?

Basically the bread and butter of networking! Rather than working on the cloud or in other more modern settings, Routing and Switching involves the nitty gritty of building a cord-based RJ45 network. Laying out a system of connections and network topography. It can be hands on work such as cutting and making custom cables, or intellectual work sourcing Hardware and planning out a setup. Routing and Switching gives you the necessary training to do unique things in the IT world.

What About Retesting?

Some certifications expire over time as they are replaced and Cisco is no different. Eventually the 300-115 will be replaced by newer more up to date testing in late 2020. That doesn’t nullify the importance though of learning it! Cisco systems have been around since 1984 and just because you know the newest technology doesn’t mean the need to maintain legacy systems goes away. In fact, you may need to know older systems for quite a long time. So it’s invaluable to learn now and only adds to your career prospects. The newer technology will be important as well someday but like all things it’ll roll out slowly and be adopted slowly.

Where Do I Begin?

As we always say work smarter NOT harder! At ExamTopics, we offer free practice exams that look very similar to the real thing. These exams help candidates prepare for certification in a way that online resources usually fail to offer. Best yet, certification is not cheap. Our free Exam Dumps help alleviate the financial burden of test preparation. After all, they are current, written by people with vast knowledge on the subject, and accurately simulate the real exam. We also think they’re a good tool to investigate what you want to learn. Do you want CCNP training? Is it just a good idea but not really something you desire? Learn with our material without spending a dime! It’s also a good place to build community. Our most common exams have loads of comments and thriving members of the IT community who help each solve and tackle intense certification questions. From the moment you come to us, you are invited to be part of that process. To mentor newer users and get mentorship from community members who seek to be a voice in the certification world. We hope you click right onto the 300-115 Exam. It might be the best decision you make today.

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