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CompTIA SY0-501 Exam

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Nothing says Job Security Like a Certificate in Security+

In the last few years, Security certifications have rocketed to the top of job lists. Whether it’s worrying about private corporate information or keeping government offices iron clad, security is a major concern today. The demand is only growing as well, as companies increase the need for digital value all around the world. That’s why we recommend pursuing Security+ through CompTIA. ExamTopics knows just how important this certification is to those entering the IT world and offer an up-to-date, detailed, and accurate exam prep for CompTIA Security+ certification. It all begins by passing the SY0-501 Exam.

The SY0-501 Explained

CompTIA explains the Security+ certification and SY0-501 exam as thus, “The CompTIA Security+ exam will certify the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to install and configure systems to secure applications, networks, and devices; perform threat analysis and respond with appropriate mitigation techniques; participate in risk mitigation activities; and operate with an awareness of applicable policies, laws, and regulations. The successful candidate will perform these tasks to support the principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.”

That’s a pretty exhaustive take on cyber-security and note that this is an entry level certification. There is a lot of information to take in and understand if you want to pass on the first attempt. The SY0-501 is currently offered through CompTIA at $339 USD just for the exam. A retake voucher will add additional security and cost, and the optional training content can bring the process to as much as $899 USD. We recommend taking the time and perusing our %100 free practice exams before spending large amounts of cash on other study tools. Our exams are as close to the real materials as you are bound to find out in the wild and written by real experts who deeply understand the certification process.

What Are the Requirements for The SY0-501?

The SY0-501 actually requires no experience but that doesn’t mean there are no recommendations. If you know anything about cyber-security, it’s a very network oriented process. Understanding servers, the internet, and how data goes to and from a device is absolutely critical. So CompTIA recommends a networking certification such as Network+ and two years of experience in IT with a security focus. That might be discouraging for those of you just starting out but it’s important to note that driven workers can learn the necessary skills and get going quickly. The important part of the CompTIA recommendation is realizing that network knowledge is important to security roles.

What Is the SY0-501 Exam Like?

The SY0-501 takes 90 minutes and has 90 maximum questions. It is also offered in several languages such as English, Japanese, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese. So some international workers may find that foregoing English is the best route. As most certifications require, it’ll be a mix of practical and intellectual information starting with knowing the exam objectives intimately.

Is SY0-501 Vendor Neutral?

Yes! Vendor neutral simply means that the principles, technology, and ideas taught in a certification extend to a wide range of fields. Rather than using specific technology (Such as a Cisco certification), Vendor Neutral exams give more general and expansive knowledge. That often means a variety of operating systems are involved such as OSX, Linux, Windows. It also means the certification is useful to a range of companies desiring strong cyber-security staffing.

What sort of organizations have helped form Security+?

Security is important and a larger range of businesses to help form a program is necessary in today’s world. Northrop Grumman, Brotherhood Mutual, the Joint Commission, Nationwide, Agile Defense, and Modern Technology Solutions Incorporated have all helped form Security+ certification. That means you have a powerful set of tools that have been tested and formed by a variety of excellent companies.

Always Keep Learning. In Fact You Have To.

CompTIA certificates general expire every three years and are replaced with a newer updated certification. This might seem annoying at first glance but is actually a great service to IT workers. They can be assured that a certification will never be shelved and don’t have to take a test every three years. Rather CompTIA requires continuing education, a modest requirement from any job with changing or emergent technologies. In order to stay relevant, you’ll need to plan for future education in security. This only makes you more competitive though as an IT worker!

Security Jobs Pay Very Well!

Cyber-Security jobs are not typical IT jobs. They can have you working in an office-building, school, or other normal fields. They can also require you to work in complex fields such as military cyber-security, DoD contractors, or Fortune 500 companies. Security is needed everywhere and some jobs are so important, few know what they are! What we can assure you of is that a security certification will pay dividends and have you set on an exciting career with one of the most challenging fields in modern IT.

Don’t Ignore a Resource like ExamTopics!

We get it, certification takes time and it’s expensive! Just like most newer IT professionals, we had to cut our teeth on expensive certifications and complex tests that cost a lot of money. Unlike you though, we had to make significant mistakes to understand the process. Our ExamTopics exam preps were formed through a process of knowing this industry inside and out. In a field like security, you’ll find numerous expensive options for getting the knowledge you need to get certified. And there are great options out there! Yet, we have a heart at ExamTopics for those who like us are taking on the challenge of an exciting new IT career. We don’t want you to shell out thousands of dollars or spend years training and buying curriculum when we have powerful tools here for those who want to get certified. Finally don’t forget that we are a community. Engage with the people testing and if you are a veteran of some other certification, cruise you old exams and give pointers to the newbies! The IT community is rich with talented passionate individuals and you get a chance to help form it together. And as always, like we love to say at ExamTopics, work smarter NOT harder!

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