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Microsoft 70-740 Exam

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294 Questions and Answers for the 70-740 Exam

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Students Passed the "Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016" exam

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Microsoft Certifications are the First Step to an Amazing Career!

No company has been more prolific in the IT world than that of Microsoft. Over the last thirty years, they have defined the average computing experience. Introducing new technology such as the first mainstream GUI and even entering into off-shoot fields like Game Design and Cloud computing, Microsoft is one of the big companies that has changed the world forever. Certification with Microsoft is an incredible way to get some very specific and intentional skills in a variety of unique products. The Microsoft Eco-System is rich. Perhaps that’s why the 70-740 Exam is a great starter exam. Windows Server technology is used worldwide and the 70-740 proves that you know how to run one of the most important pieces of the rich Microsoft Eco-System.

The 70-740 Exam: What is it?

MCSA or Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate is one of the baseline entry-level certifications for those starting an IT career and working with Microsoft systems. Windows Server Technology is the backbone of a wide-range of important products produced by Microsoft and without using it, a company will invariably struggle to roll out a broad Windows 10 focused server infrastructure. The MCSA has a range of skills but one of these is the proficiency to connect users and computers at a company. The 70-740 Exam is a practical test of the ability to use these technologies and ultimately show that an IT worker has the skills to take on the infrastructure of a company in a professional and advanced manner.

What Skills Does the 70-740 Exam Test?

The 740-70 Exam tests individuals in six broad categories that correlate strongly to the ability of an individual to use Microsoft Server Technology. These areas are,

  1. Install Windows Servers in Host and Compute Environments
  2. Implement Storage Solutions
  3. Implement Hyper-V
  4. Implement Windows Containers
  5. Implement High Availability
  6. Maintain and Monitor Server Environments

Some of these skills are pretty intuitive, such as understanding how creating new users and storing information on a server works. Not only is that important, it would be the logical solution for wide-range of problems. Other needs though are complex and not exactly the traditional technology of last decade. For instance Hyper-V (V for virtualization) is a method by which an IT Admin can use simulated OS configurations or literal virtual machines to test, implement, and keep a server running well. These VM can actually work in conjunction with each other and provide system integrity in the case of server failure, technical problems, and even limiting the use of a specific system. The information on the 70-740 prepares an individual for a challenging fast-paced career in many business settings!

What does the 70-740 Entail?

The 70-740 Exam costs roughly $165 USD and covers the broad categories above in-depth. The Exam itself is offered in English, Spanish, Traditional Mandarin Chinese, Simplified Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Portuguese. Candidates from a wide-range of countries may find that a language other than English is preferred and there is a good chance that you have an available option. While Microsoft offers excellent online training, several options can be costly. That’s why we recommend our ExamTopics test prep! It’s absolutely free and written by people who know the 70-740 Exam inside and out. Our up-to-date, accurate, and free exams help those jumping into the IT world to save the hundreds of dollars that many spend on test preparation. We’ve been there. We know how hard it is, and hope you take us up on our free materials!

What Else Do I Need for MCSA Certification?

MCSA isn’t just one certification. Microsoft offers a wide-range of MCSA options with elective courses, specialized directions, and more. We recommend picking a specific focus such as the Universal Windows Platform or a Server focus and getting certified as soon as possible. You’ll learn both on the job and through the process what certification is right for you. Exams such as MD-100 and MD-101 are examples of other pathways for an entry-level IT professional and will greatly enhance your portfolio. Certification is rarely once in a blue moon. It’s a long process you’ll keep coming back to!

What Type of Work Can I Use This For?

Once you pass the 70-740 Exam and the other requirements for certification, you possess quite the skill-set for a small business running the server infrastructure or perhaps working in a large office among a team. Tech has a varied range of uses but everything from entry-level IT work to consulting begins with an MCSA level certification. And remember, these jobs pay very well. Whether it’s $70,000 usd a year or even six-figures depends on the company and niche you are in but the value in having a certified professional employee is huge! It is well worth the time and money required to knock that MCSA out of the park.

Any Other 70-740 Exam Tips?

Anytime you are doing networking or practicing a skill, we recommend a bit of practical experience. This is best accomplished by actually using Windows Server 2016! While obtaining software may be difficult initially, setting up a network is not. Make a little test lab and get some real-life practice. You can’t always learn everything in a classroom. Also engage our wonderful community here at ExamTopics. We always encourage other IT staff to mentor each other and consider the needs of the community at large. Whether it’s answering questions or getting help on a complex subject, among our exams you’ll find great people with the same goal of becoming world-class IT workers! So get out there, make some friends, and start preparing for a new milestone in your IT journey. And as always, like we love to say, work smarter NOT harder!

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