While IT rewards employees handsomely, there is still a large demand that can’t be filled by employers. This is one of the greatest perks of the Tech Industry, no more searching for a job, with the right skills you can have companies competing for your skills! We made a guide to show you the 8 Most Difficult IT Jobs For Employers To Fill, so that you can get a feel for all the opportunity out there. In this guide you’ll find 8 jobs or job fields that are lacking qualified employees and a few tips toward the end on how to get into the industry! So if you want to know the 8 Most Difficult IT Jobs For Employers To Fill read on!

1) IT Security Roles

Information Technology grows at a rapid pace and so do the challenges to keeping a company secure against threats. The sheer amount of possible tech threats that exist has unfortunately been growing faster than the amount of skilled individuals capable of securing a business’s tech. That means a huge demand has grown for certified or highly-experienced Cyber-security professionals. This goes beyond just average companies too as the defense sector, military, government positions, and high-risk businesses are in dire need of top-notch security talent. Certifications for Security jobs can start at basic Security and go as far as requiring a decade of experience. CompTIA Security+ is a good entry certification for security work!

2) Project Managers

Finding a certified project manager is certainly hard as some certifications may take years. Add to this that a project manager must understand enough about the specific subject to be effective and you have a recipe for a challenging hiring situation. Project managers help organize teams and staffs to be most effective and maximize success. They usually know Agile or a similar system for keeping a project on task. PMP, Project+, CSM and other certifications are currently in demand as they help companies keep on task and expand.

3) Programming jobs for specific languages and roles

There are almost too many vacancies to list with Engineering and developer roles. Job security and high-wages are all but a guarantee if you find the right niche. Many professionals out there know how to program but the knowledge and skill necessary for some roles can be so specific that it makes it hard for an employer to fill a specific job. For example an engineer working with Ai and top-tier graphical companies like Nvidia may need to specialize in several different languages and skills that are just not common. Add to this that demand has grown to insane levels and you have all the reason it’s near impossible to find as many engineers, mobile developers, and other professionals as needed in the industry.

4) Technical Writers

Although its not a common job, every large-scale tech business needs a technical writer capable of producing in-house materials and guides, as well as writing the necessary guides for product launches. Technical writers also dabble in some of the less glamorous aspects of writing such as legal contractual agreements and update logs. The style of writing and the necessary knowledge to perform well in this role makes it a bit hard to fill as a job. Technical Writers are in demand at many different companies, from Video Game developers to hardware manufacturers.

5) Data Scientist Roles

It’s not clear whether it’s the difficulty of this role or the abrupt newness that results in the lack of available Data Scientist employees. Data Science has many unique applications from medical and technical science, to advertising and profit analysis. Since the advent of smart phones and online shopping, consumers have contributed an insane amount of information that companies can harness and sell. Being able to understand, parse, and sell this data is a very useful skill in the tech industry. Because of this, employers are desperate for good Data Scientists and learning the skills involved makes you a valuable commodity in the job market.

6) Automation and AI Developers

Artificial Intelligence has been around conceptually for a long time. While it’s a bit of a misnomer (Machines don’t actually become self-aware and think like we understand thinking) the role has grown in the last four years by leaps and bounds due to companies like Tesla and Nvidia developing self-driving cars, graphical Ai editing software, intelligent robotics, and more. Automation and Ai are bringing a revolution to different industries that is perhaps as influential as the industrial revolution. Many jobs will be destroyed and created as machines replace them. Ai Developers are on the forefront of technology and will help define the world for years to come. You can read more about the impact of this field here!

7) Cloud Developers

Similar to Data Science and Ai development, newer technology often breeds more need in the industry for qualified individuals. Cloud developers aren’t necessarily rare, but the demand is near universal. As more and more Tech companies unload the back-end of business to server centers like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, Cloud developers are needed to help them engineer everything. Cisco offers some great starting certification for Cloud and Networking roles.

8) Legacy Programmers

This job is a strange one but it’s actually quite critical for many companies. For instance Microsoft continued support of Windows 2000 received monthly updates until the end of its lifecycle over a decade later. Knowing an old language or old system isn’t going to give you job security but it can become very useful in certain situations! Legacy programmers are very important across numerous companies but can be a bit hard to hire because knowing old technology isn’t as lucrative or as common. If you see a niche though, you might consider investing in an older skill that is needed but not phased out yet!

How can I get started the Tech Industry?

Luckily the Tech Industry still has some of the Wild West elements that made it an amazing place to start a career in all those years ago. While college degrees and years of experience are becoming the norm, practical experience is still a quick and easy way to get your foot in the door at a variety of companies. For instance, Security jobs are going unfilled but did you know a simple course can get you certified and ready to work for a lot of cash in hardly any time?

CompTIA offers Security+ for those who want a security focused role in IT but need entry level training and skills. It’s an amazing compromise between experience and practical knowledge. An easy way to check out what Security+ entails is to take an online practice exam. There are free ones offered at Examtopics’s website and YouTube that can help you see if Security+ is a good option!

We hope that learning about the 8 Most Difficult IT Jobs For Employers To Fill has opened your eyes a little bit about all the amazing opportunities out there for work. Whether it’s a simple job that requires certification or learning a programming language, the tech industry is full of opportunity for anyone who works hard, and it pays GOOD! If you’ve learned something in this guide, please let us know what! And as always, keep coming back for more interesting articles about certification. Until next time, study hard