Networking is one of the most challenging subjects you can encounter in the IT Sector but it is also a coveted skill amongst techies. That’s why networking jobs pay well and have incredible opportunities. We have created the complete guide for getting CompTIA Network+ Certified. This guide is for those individuals looking for a rewarding career in the Server room! In this guide you’ll read a bit about the certification itself, why it’s a fantastic route, and how to pass those ever so difficult tests! So why get Network+ certified?

What exactly is CompTIA Network+?

CompTIA is mostly known for the CompTIA A+ certification, but CompTIA also offers a wide-range of unique tech certifications covering many different areas.

Most CompTIA certifications will go over Networking concepts with a broad brush, but tackling the intricate nuances of a server room can require some pretty specific knowledge. A certified Network+ worker will handle some of the most sensitive parts of IT development while simultaneously connecting all the devices throughout a building or campus.

Servers, Networks, and Puzzles

One of the key factors in IT role is being able to find the solution to a wide range of problems, sometimes this involves knowing enough information to accurately access the problem as well. One of the most challenging areas in that regard is networks. Suppose you come to the office in the morning and the internet is out. Is it out in your building? Just your office? Was the bill paid? Is a cord defective? Is there a problem within the walls? Is the server working correctly? Is your computer itself the problem?

Losing internet may seem cut and dry, but in real-life situations, you rarely know all the details. A Network+ certified tech can correctly identify a whole host of problems quickly and find out what needs to be fixed. This may involve a special tool that checks the integrity of an RJ45 jack or logging onto a router to see if VLAN is enabled. It may even entail going to the server room and making some physical changes. It’s not easy, but it sure is interesting!

Everyday you get to be the Sherlock Holmes of the IT world and find out how to fix some of the most frustrating and confusing problems of the tech world!

So it sounds fascinating, how exactly do I get certified?

While it’s still possible to take an N10-006 Exam, the N10-007 exam launched in March of 2018. We fully recommend pursuing the newer, updated exam, as it will prepare you with the most modern and relevant information available. CompTIA regularly updates courses to keep them relevant and high in quality.

Networking+ Certification is achieved by passing the N10-007, a 90 minute test with 90 questions consisting both of multiple choice questions and simulated questions (They literally build a unique program to simulate real-world situations). To pass the N10 takes a high-grade, 720 out of 900 . It can also be a bit pricey if you don’t have employment lined up afterwards. Take advantage of the tips we’re about to share in our complete guide for getting CompTIA Network+ Certified.

An exam will run $302 meaning that you will want to pass on the first go. While CompTIA recommends that you spend 9-12 months preparing for the exam but if you follow our tips below, it’ll take far less time. As always most of this knowledge can be learned quickly but real life experience is always the king in IT.

First learn the Exam Objectives

If you don’t know what you are studying, you simply CANNOT pass this exam. It’s amazing how many people show up for their first certifications with the idea that being good at computers is enough to help them pass an intense Exam course. Questions may be very specific and involve knowing complex jargon and networking standards, as well as broad questions involving the philosophy behind networking principles. Because of this, you need to know the Exam Objectives. EO basically outline the knowledge you are expected to know in order to pass an Exam. CompTIA offers a full-breakdown of every exam they do, and the N10-007 objectives can be acquired here by filling out a short form. The broad objectives can be seen below. Get the full-list and start memorizing!

Building a Network Lab is Crucial

What is a network lab? Simply put it’s a router, two devices, some ethernet cables, and internet signal. Everything you do with a network involves communicating between different devices. Building a network allows you to test different network setups, play with settings like DNS, and become an expert on the basics of network configurations. With modern machines, a newer laptop can spin up multiple Virtual Machines (Simulated Operating Systems) and use those to practice with. The toolset of today is tremendously advanced so make sure to take advantage of it! Spend a couple hours throughout the week tinkering with your lab and practicing these skills.

Memorize your tables

Networking+ has a lot of seemingly random numbers and tables you must memorize. These tables often relate back to IPS/DNS servers, networking protocols, design hierarchy, and more. It may seem like a chore, but knowing the difference between different complex networking terms or why one standard is different from another can help you a lot come Exam day.

Free online videos can make the hard subjects easy.

Learning online has never been easier and several high-quality teachers have sprung up to walk new students through the difficult path of certification. Learning by video is great because it allows you to understand solutions far quicker than a simple book will. We recommend looking for courses on Youtube from PowerCert. They may be a bit dry but they teach you the breadth of CompTIA certifications in a quick, simple, visually appealing manner!

Do some practice exams and read online guides!

Finally, for those who like to study in a traditional manner, consider taking an online practice exam. The N10-007 isn’t easy by any means and an invaluable way to study is by learning from those who have taken the exam. Several websites offer free online exams by experts that mimic the N10-007 questions in a real-world manner. By using these online tests and study guides, you can easily get a feel for the CompTIA Certification you are pursing and get certified quick! Networking+ guides can be found at and Youtube channel . It’s worth a quick look to see if they can help you tackle the N10!

Entering into the Tech industry is challenging but ultimately it is an immensely rewarding path. We hope this guide gave you a few solid pointers and some tangible tips on how to improve your networking skills. Networking is not for everyone but for those who get it, it can be one of the most enjoyable computer tasks imaginable. If the complete guide for getting CompTIA Network+ Certified has helped you learn a bit more about certification or inspired you, please comment, like, share and subscribe for more great content on certification! We love it when people walk away from our material passionate and inspired to start a new career. Until next time, keep studying for the N10-007 and good luck!