Security is critically undervalued in some companies until a breach occurs, afterwards it becomes the top priority for years to come. One of the most underrated areas of IT is Cybersecurity and as a field it is growing tremendously. So much so in fact that the United States Military is starting to create Cyber Security branches as well. That’s why we’ve created Our Ultimate Guide to Getting Security+ Certified with SY0-501. In this guide you’ll hear about why SY0-501 may be the next best step for you and how you can study, prepare, and pass this difficult exam. So why get Security+ certified?  

CompTIA Security+ is one of the top entry-level security certificates for Information Technology workers. It’s intense, methodical, and even approved by the United States Department of Defense to meet directive 8140/8570.01-M requirements. That’s a complicated way to say that the DoD approves of Security+.

Why would I get a job in security?

The demand is high right now. The Sony Hack, the recent election issues, DDoS attacks worldwide. The risk has grown tremendously as the internet has expanded. Just this last year we had the largest breach of United States Social Security numbers of all time during the infamous Equifax hack. What most people don’t know, is that this security issue was entirely preventable and the flaw was known for several months beforehand. As a result, Equifax lost a lot of business and opened itself up to decades of liability charges. Being careless or ignoring a problem with Security can cost you everything. Companies that traditionally throw caution to the wind are now seeing the value in hiring stellar employees who are well-versed in Cybersecurity.

The jobs are also fascinating. Imagine going to work every day in a facility with top-secret security clearance and running IT for those building some of the most advanced technologies in the world. Whether it’s working at a bank or standing shoulder to shoulder with intellectual giants at a nuclear power plant, Security+ gives you the option to pursue fascinating, demanding, and high-paying jobs.

What is the SY0-501?

The SY0-501 is a 90 minute exam consisting of 90 questions. You require 750 out of 900 to pass meaning there is VERY little room for error. Each exam costs $330 so you want to pass it on the first go. Afterwards you’ll be a Security+ certified individual for the next three years and can stay certified through continuing education.

 So I want to get certified, but the SY0-501 is REALLY challenging.

We get that. Security takes an eye for detail, lots of training, and pretty insane forethought. That’s why we’ve assembled Our Ultimate Guide to Getting Security+ Certified with SY0-501. The following tips will make your journey a bit quicker and maybe help you fall in love with the Certification process. Just do these simple things and you’ll find the SY0-501 getting a lot easier.

Get the Exam Objectives!

The FIRST thing you should do is go to the CompTIA website and download the Exam objectives. This invaluable document will share all the things that you need to know to pass the Exam. This is your greatest tool in guiding your Security+ studies.

Try to break into a friends hardware!

Ask them first though! There is no better way to learn about Security than finding out security flaws. Ask some friends if you can practice with the devices that they have, and if you find security flaws, use the time to teach them. This simple method solidifies the massive knowledge base required for passing the SY0-501 exam. By practicing methods in unique situations and with a wide-variety of set-ups, you can get invaluable experience for your exam as well as what you’ll encounter in the real world.

Cyber Security

Write down a Security Philosophy for setting up your system

It’s amazing how many professionals put security on the back burner when creating an office environment. Ironically it’s also common to see an overabundance of caution (Such as passwords that decay every two weeks) mixed with terrible security practices (Putting all important files onto a general server folder with no permissions). Making sure no one is able to access or steal your documents starts before you even setup your first PC. Security+ teaches you numerous strategies to secure your businesses. This starts first in the mind, start cultivating your strategy now for what a good secure system will look like. Write it down and commit it to memory. Answers to questions like “Who gets access” and “When do passwords expire.” reveal valuable principles for creating a good security policy.

Keep up-to-date

No field in IT has greater potential to cause havoc if you aren’t aware of current trends. Knowing what is going on with recent breaches, updating hardware, and keeping staff trained is crucial. Start practicing this now by reading an article on security or a recent breach throughout the day.

Try out YouTube or Skillshare

Security isn’t always easy to understand. Tons of information can be found online that prepares you for Security work. YouTube is a treasure trove of ingenious techies who post unique guides and strategies online for getting certified. Also consider Skillshare, Lynda, and other online course sites. For a small fee, you usually get access to exhaustive in-depth tech tutorials and a connection with the teach themselves!

Study Guides by people who have already been certified!

Security is often best learned by hindsight, in fact Valve Software is paying hackers to attempt to break into Steam, a billion dollar industry for them. Why? Good security is about catching problems before they are exposed. That’s why an exam prepared by someone who is in the industry, understands the problems you encounter, and has passed certification, is so important. Many websites offer high-quality study guides and practice exams for most certificates. offers numerous exam preps so that you can study before the big test and practice out your materials. These practice exams try to be as close to the real exam as possible meaning that you’ll get a ton of fantastic practice solving real-world problems.

We know that entering into the Tech Industry can be a lot of work. That’s why we made Our Ultimate Guide to Getting Security+ Certified with SY0-501. Whether it’s security or general hardware solutions, getting the knowledge and certifications to solve IT problems will help you snag some of the best jobs in the world. That’s why we strive to create awesome guides and help you learn about all the unique certifications out there in the Tech world. If this guide has helped you, please take a moment to like, comment, and subscribe for more awesome blogs on certs. Until next time, good luck, and hit the books!